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Chair Global


Strategic Communications & Multimedia Production

Connecting dots.


Communication, as we know it, can no longer serve today’s Global citizens and growing corporations. Markets are saturated with products, media platforms are flooded with messages, and consumers have shorter attention spans. The result? More brands are unnoticed, and more messages are unheard.

That’s what inspired our journey to rediscover communication. We traveled the world to explore changing cultures and perceptions. We identified insights and found untold stories. And now we’re back in the Middle East and North Africa, ready to take you – and your communication – on a remarkable journey across the Globe.

About Chair Global

Chair Global is an international communications agency that specializes in international outreach consulting, visual storytelling, media production, and training services.

Today’s world is more connected than ever, with bridges of economic trade extending from one continent to the other. But to connect businesses with Global citizens, we need more than that. We need bridges of communication and cross-cultural understandings.  

Based in Paris with an office in the UAE at the heart of the region’s fastest-growing economy and most attractive investment hub. We have all the links and tools you need to reach customers across the world.

We’re here to help you extend your footprint, amplify your brand voice, and share your story with more people around the world. With our vast experience in the communications industry, we designed out-of-the-box solutions and personalized services to do just that.  


Chair Global Personas

At Chair Global, we serve a wide range of clients with standardized and customized services.  


Governments & Public Organizations

Highlight your local initiatives and Global collaborations for future opportunities. 


Public Figures

Hire an exclusive international media trainer consultant / or ghost producer.


Private Corporations

Expand your footprint, get your brand noticed, and let your messages be heard, build your reputation and  thought leadership.


SMBs & Startups

Enjoy affordable, enterprise-grade communication solutions.


Chair Global Services

Comprehensive solutions to establish your brand image and amplify your brand communication across the Globe.

At Chair Global, we offer customized services and end-end solutions that help you deliver your messages in various formats and across different platforms.


The Chair Global Approach

We’re passionate about communication and storytelling. We’re always ready to tread unconventional paths and venture undiscovered topics. That’s what makes us different and successful. That’s how we build bridges and establish connections across the world’s countries, continents, and cultures.

The Chair Global team consists of professional communication strategists, brand journalists, public relations executives, and media producers. With extensive experience across the world, we work together to bring ideas to life and turn concepts to stories in different formats and languages.

Daleen Hassan

Why Chair global?

Why Chair Global?

we are international

Strategic Communication 

As communication strategists, we plan, execute, and measure campaigns that achieve your business objectives.

Innovative Approaches 

From ideation to creation, broadcast, and promotion, all of our services are human-centric and innovative.

In-House Production 

Having our own production house allows us to create original content in different formats without any limits.

Global  Outreach

Our strong relationships with large media networks and specialized local professionals simplify our Global outreach.

Far-Reaching Experience

Our expertise spans different markets and cultures, allowing us to reach local audiences in their mother tongues.

Hands-On Proficiencies

Our team has all the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to meet your communication objectives successfully.

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